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Solutions for All Your Business and Community-Related Needs

Greg Pridgeon, President/CEO

Let Solutions 58 in Atlanta, Georgia assist you in accomplishing your organization’s programs and plans. Whenever you need help resolving various issues, turn to me, and I will help you come up with the most appropriate and positive approaches.

I am well versed in government procedures, policies and politics. With more than forty years in government, regional planning and political consulting I have an extensive background and contacts that will assist our clients with "Access to SUCCESS".

What I Do

I serve organizations and companies that would like to interact with various government entities such as city governments, county governments, and community organizations.


Current Clients

  • Atlanta Retailers Association Political Action Committee (ARAPAC)
  • Georgia Korean Grocers Association
  • AGP Construction
  • Purchasing Power

Mission Statement

My goal is to make the lives of groups and businesses easier through the services I offer. I help my clients reach out to government entities for the implementation of their business plans and community programs.

Why Choose Me

My years of experience have taught me the knowledge and skills needed to provide apt advice to clients who turn to me for my help. These skills include attention to detail, accessibility, ability to give a timely response, and professionalism.

I take pride in having a long and positive standing in the local market, which aids clients in knowing who they can easily trust in the industry. 


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